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BikeFit is a certification system provided by BikeFit Systems (BFS). The system was developed by Paul Swift, a master bike fitter, in order to improve the main sources of discomfort for all cyclists; the contact points. BikeFit utilizes special tools that assist the fitter in providing proper alignment and location of areas like cleats, pedals, bars, stem, and saddle. 

Nick Engelson is a certified BikeFit Pro fitter and offers fitting services for cyclists wishing to improve comfort or performance from their current bike position. He also offers fitting for those cyclist looking to purchase a new bike, custom or stock.

What is a bike fit? Bike fitting comes in many forms. There are so many varieties of fit technologies out there it is hard to discern which is best. Some companies use programs or calculators to determine what is optimum for your body dimensions and spits out a result for the ideal fit for you. While there is some validity in the data sets regarding the size of bike best for you and the optimal saddle height and handlebar placement based on your body dimensions, the idea of "true" fit is lost and your left in the end with the perfect bike size for you that does not fit.  A bike fit from most companies is nothing more than a bike sizing tool and not a true bike fit. The optimal fit for you is a combination of bike sizing and fitting a bike to your body based on performance, fitness level, and comfort. The ideal fit for you and your bike is more than just a calculation, it is a synergy of feel, function, fitness level, and foundation. This is where Victory Cycle Works using the BikeFit system is different.

What is different about a BikeFit Pro fit? Bike Fit is the second oldest fit company in existence. BikeFit is the first company to use the front view and utilize a system based on angles and alignment rather than a formula, which is the basis for all software bike fitting systems. BikeFit products are used by Olympic Champions, World Champions, and Grand Tour winners, as well as other pro an amateur cyclists. BikeFit products are also used by many competitors as tools for their bike fits.

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We believe the foundation for every fit starts at connection at the pedals, then the saddle and finally the handlebar. Think about it this way, it is easy to change your fit on the fly depending on your comfort or performance by sliding fore or aft on the saddle and several different positions on your handlebar, but if you use a clip-less pedal system you are fixed to a platform which remains constant for the duration of your ride. This is the point at which all of your power is delivered to the forward motion of the bike and if your pedal interface is incorrect you will not be able to efficiently deliver this energy to the pedals. Many fits out there fail to take into account this fact and as a result the fit you receive from them is wrong from the beginning. The pedal interface is the foundation for the rest of the fit and when properly placed on the pedal the other aspects of the fit from the saddle to the handlebar could change, therefore this connection point must be properly placed first. This fundamental fact of a bike fit is essential to relating angles and position for the rest of the contact points. Bicycle fits not utilizing this concept will not position your body properly on the bike. 

CompuTrainer DynaFit Trainer in Victory Cycle Works fit studio

Victory Cycle Works utilizes BikeFit products and services to optimize the fit of each bicycle to the individual. Through our experience with a variety of different fit processes and equipment, we believe BikeFit to be the absolute best system in achieving a bike fit which optimizes performance and comfort for any cyclist. We use a CompuTrainer with Spin Scan during the fit process to monitor pedal torque angles to assure the best fit position for each individual. 

We also utilize a Dynafit Fit Cycle to help cyclists looking to purchase a new bicycle.  When we determine a size and fit for you we can translate your position and biomechanics to help you determine which bike may work best.  With your own pedals and shoes and utilizing the BikeFit system we can achieve a "true" bike fit which you can then translate to a new bike, custom or stock.

Our fit sessions are in depth and complete. Each level of fit service offered is guaranteed. Contact us for a free initial consultation today.

BikeFit Pro Fitting Services:

Pedal Cleat Fitting .............................. $100.00

  • Includes foot and shoe evaluation with ideal cleat positioning for both feet, installation of cleats, pedals, shims, and insoles to achieve proper knee tracking during the pedal stroke. Parts not included. If knee pain is you primary concern this level will help alleviate some these conditions. 

Existing Bike Fit ................................. $250.00

  •  Includes a full BikeFit Pro session with Spin Scan assessment before, during, and after fit session is completed. this session addresses all contact points on the bike tailored to performance and comfort based on your current bike size and set up. We use a Salsa Size-O-Matic adjustable stem to determine proper handlebar placement during this session. Parts not included. If you have never been fit properly to your bike before or are having knee, back, shoulder, neck or any other pain, this is level of fit is designed to address all of these issues.

Existing Tri-Bike Fit ........................... $300.00

  • Includes same services as and existing bike fit with the special attention to the Tri position and aero bar placement. Parts not included. If you are looking to begin competing in Triathlons or are currently but need to fine tune your Tri position this level of service is for you.

New Bike Fit ..................................... $250.00

  • Includes a BikeFit Pro fit session on our CompuTrainer Dynafit fit cycle with Spin Scan assessment. Evaluation sheet with ideal frame and component specs provided after session. Parts not included. If you want a complete assessment of your fit without bias towards one bike company or another than this is level for you.

New Tri-Bike Fit ............................... $300.00

  • Includes the same services as a new bike fit with the special attention to the Tri position and aero bar placement. Parts not included.

Re-evaluation Session ...................... $100.00/hr

  • Includes any aspect of a BikeFit Pro fit needed to adjust for new injuries or an increase or decrease in fitness level. Parts not included. If you have had a fit done by Victory Cycle Works and through training have changed your overall fitness level or have suffered an injury needing fit changes due to comfort than this is the level for you. 
  • All of our fits are guaranteed and this session is not for those having issues with an existing fit already performed. During the course of your cycling career your fit will change several times. Our sessions are designed to achieve an ideal fit for your current level of fitness. If your fitness level changes it is necessary to have your positioning re-evaluated to achieve the best performance based on your new fitness level. During all of our fit sessions these issues are addressed and a plan for your fit changes in the future will be addressed with a realistic determination of a future re-evaluation time frame. © VictoryCycleWorks, LLC 2022